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Fantasy, lust, philosophy, perversions, NSFW, 18 & over.
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2011 © Studio 4930

Man - 

I was going through my portfolio and thinking, “I have got to update this.” I posted a casting call on MM not too long ago; we’ll see if I have any takers. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: trying to scare up any sort of work here in Austin absolutely sucks balls. I’m glad I’ve got a good body of work to draw on from previous shoots, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to do something new.

Ideal shoots:

1. Something (ANYTHING) underwater.

2. More work with a make up artist - make me into a zombie, an old woman, anything.

3. Corsets. Maybe? Please? Overbust corsets do nothing for me, though. Waist cinchers and underbust? YES.

4. Period costuming.

But, since the chance of that happening are like slim to nil, what are you going to do? But at least they’re posted up here. Maybe someone will be like, “Wow, I totally want to do that!” and give me a buzz.

I’m totally procrastinating from serious work I need to be doing. And watching Sailor Moon SuperS. And recovering from a horrible trip to Houston: the visit I have mixed feelings about, the aftermath of said visit have been atrocious. Sometimes, you just want a straight answer from someone and they give you the run around. I’m going to totally dip into my personal (non-modeling life) here for a bit and talk about my emotions. I suppose I’m a hard person to read. I don’t make connections easily. I’m scared of being hurt and I’m hard to get to know. If I let down my walls, it’s a big thing. To let them down and only feel this…ambivalence or straight up avoidance hurts. 

Which is putting it very, very VERY mildly.

Studio 4930 again. He’s a great guy to work with, and I like his crisp black and white work. So crisp, in fact, you can see the stretch marks on my thigh. 

…God I feel like ass. I’m going for a beer run.

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Fantasy, lust, philosophy, perversions, NSFW, 18 & over.
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